Happens Blog at Yaks

Tamy Jaramillo

Welcome to Yaks Café page. I have decided to start a blog post on here so that customers can keep updated on how we are doing and what's new or changing for us to operate the business.. What a challenging last 2 years have been with pandemic and the requirements that go along with the pandemic. I never thought in all my years of experience in the service industry, that I would ever deal with excessive cleaning issues, social distancing, and mask mandates. We had to change it up and become inventive of how we could still operate when counties and states locked down and didn't allow any dine-in options. So We took one of our main windows and created a take-out window to accommodate the take- out and current required option during the first year and half of 2020.We stayed fairly busy even with not being able to let people inside the café to eat. We did five dollar specials that was reasonable for the locals and for anyone traveling to stay open with a take-out window only.

Once we got opened back up for dine-in we kept the take-out window, which seemed to become a big hit since there was still a lot of people that just wasn't comfortable with dining in the café yet.

The current inflation of products and lack of employees has been very challenging in 2021. After being open on Saturdays for the last sixteen years, I had to make the tough decision to start closing Saturdays on October 23, 2021; this was a tough decision. However, not having enough employees to help operate the business has taken a toll on the current employees I do have and myself as a business owner. We will try to reopen on Saturdays again in 2022, sometime if we can find the help.