Things to Do in Blanding

Welcome, to Blanding, Utah looking for interesting things to do. We got lots of trails for hiking and great trails for the ATV and OHV’s riders too; something for everyone and every type of outdoor adventurous. Blanding is in Southeastern Utah; we are in a prime location. Only 15 minutes to the desert or 15 minutes to our mountains (abajo mountain). Here are a few of our recommendations of places to visit or go see, and while you are in town come enjoy a wonderful breakfast with us at Yaks café. Some of our staffs’ favorite meals is the smothered burrito, biscuits and gravy and the Yaks special. Like us on Facebook (@ Yaks-Café), and keep up with our changes in our Specials and our Bears ears Souvenirs. You can also follow us on tiktok @yakscafe 

Butler Wash Archeological Ruin
Go see some of the attractions around us!
Edge of the Cedars State Park Museum
Huckleberry Rock Shop
162 North Grayson PKWY
The Dinosaur Museum
Image result for Goosenecks State Park. Size: 153 x 180. Source:
Goosenecks State Park
Trail of the Ancients - Utah
Arch Canyon Trail
Salt Creek Canyon Trail
Horse Pasture Trail to Scorup Cabin  
37.784401, -109.857384
Owl Creek to Nevills Arch Trail
Image result for Sipapu Bridge to Kachina Bridge Loop. Size: 208 x 183. Source:
Sipapu Bridge to Kachina Bridge Loop